My Amplifier set up generally is: (see below for photos)

Filmosound Bill Krinard 6V6 Projector Amplifer
Filmosound Bill Krinard EL84 Projecttor Amplifier
Mystic Blues 50 watt ODS style amp
Mystic Blues 100 watt ODS style amp

I usually tour with 1 filmosound amp for clean tones and 1 Mystic Blues for Overdrive and switch between the two.

12″ Thiele with + Altec 417H Series
2×12 Celestion G12-65 Cabinet  (Bob Burt cabinet)
1 x 12 Celestion type A speaker in a  Bell & Howell Cabinet

My guitars are serviced by The Bass Gallery, (Camden, London)

Navigator ST-350 Stratocaster (my main ‘fly out’ guitar)
Navigator N-SG-300 LTC CH
Navigator Thinline Telecaster Korina (30th anniversary model)
Navigator Les Paul with Mojo Peter Green (reverse wound) pickups
Navigator N-TE-380 LTD ASM
Coodercaster (exact replica of Ry Cooder’s famous Coodercaster guitar)
Goosecaster (basically a telecaster with Mojo Pickups goldfoil and valco replicas)
Guyatone LG-200T
Fylde Eric Bibb Model
Blue Telecaster with Guyatone SG gold foil in neck and Dearmond vintage pickup

custom made Free The Tone SOV-2
ThorpyFX Fuzz Face style fuzz
Free The Tone Chorus
Free The Tone Reverb
Victoria Amplifiers Reverberammo
Longamps Chorus