My Amplifier set up generally is: (see below for photos)

Filmosound Bill Krinard 6V6 Projector Amplifer
Filmosound Bill Krinard EL84 Projecttor Amplifier
Mystic Blues 50 watt ODS style amp
Mystic Blues 100 watt ODS style amp

I usually tour with 1 filmosound amp for clean tones and 1 Mystic Blues for Overdrive and switch between the two.

12″ Thiele with + Altec 417H Series
2×12 Celestion G12-65 Cabinet  (Bob Burt cabinet)
1 x 12 Celestion type A speaker in a  Bell & Howell Cabinet

My guitars are serviced by The Bass Gallery, (Camden, London)

Navigator ST-350 Stratocaster (my main ‘fly out’ guitar)
Coodercaster (exact replica of Ry Cooder’s famous Coodercaster guitar)
Goosecaster (basically a telecaster with Mojo Pickups goldfoil and valco replicas)
Daniels Guitars Les Paul style guitar
Navigator Thinline Telecaster Korina (30th anniversary model)
Navigator Les Paul with Mojo Peter Green (reverse wound) pickups
Guyatone LG-200T
Fylde Eric Bibb Model
Fernandes P Project AI-N
Blue Telecaster with Guyatone SG gold foil in neck and Dearmond vintage pickup

custom made Free The Tone SOV-2
ThorpyFX Fuzz Face style fuzz
Free The Tone Chorus
Free The Tone Reverb
Victoria Amplifiers Reverberammo
Longamps Chorus